One Thing I Never Thought I Would Do

One Thing I Never Thought I Would Do

He was at a point where he struggled to keep his eyes open. His speech was very quiet. His appetite nearly non existent, yet having any sort of facial hair still bugged my dad. All he wanted to do was shave but knew his failing body wouldn’t allow it.

I brought his shaving supplies to the hospice that day and did something I never thought I would have to do — I shaved my dad. Tilted back in a wheel chair, I softly lathered up his face with a non scented shaving cream, the same bottle he was using just a few months prior, and did my best not to cut him while I slowly skimmed his face with a razor. After taking a wet cloth to clean up what foam was left, his baby face shined once again and I know that deep down, he felt just a little bit better.

It was something I never even questioned. He wanted to get cleaned up and it was all part of the caregiving journey, because maybe for that couple minutes, he felt normal again and that was something that meant the world to me.

I encourage you to do the same because sometimes the little things are all we have and it’s an easy way to induce a smile.

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